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Have you checked the rules of your jurisdiction lately?

DIVISION II CIVIL Rule 2.1.5. The California Rules of Court say that a plaintiff has 60 days to serve a defendant after a lawsuit is filed. What happens if the plaintiff doesn’t serve the defendant within 60 days? As you … Continue reading

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Why create a courtroom visual presentation?

In the courtroom and generally, the listener determines the meaning of communications. Because thinking includes a visual component, imprecise words encourage jurors to conjure up their own images of the facts.   Of course, such images are based on what they … Continue reading

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Should good writing, legal or otherwise, be the sole province of lawyers?

When one learns how to dissect any argument, analyze available rules and construct cogent statements one realizes that these attributes are constant in our western society.  Also, one must have, as the French would say, “l’esprit de synthèse”.  Translated literally, … Continue reading

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Electronic access to civil court files

Thanks to Judge Barton, The San Diego Superior Court has made a significant effort to provide electronic access to civil court files for both litigants and attorneys who no longer have to go to the courthouse to review file documents. … Continue reading

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Are LexisNexis and Westlaw potentially in trouble?

I have often wondered how a legal researcher does not become frustrated by citation numbers, legal jargon and numerous publishing practices.  Relying on a law librarian can pave the way; yet, it may not make doing research less time consuming … Continue reading

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The importance of e-Discovery

On January 10th, Bill Kammer, a member of the San Diego ESI Forum and  a partner with Solomon Ward Seidenwurm & Smith LLP  invited both Eliseo Villegas and I to attend a discussion on the fundamentals of  forensics for eDiscovery. … Continue reading

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Welcome to our blog! This is your gateway to learn a little more about us, what we do, and the courier industry in general. American Messenger Services, Inc. was born out of an inherent need for great customer service, thorough … Continue reading

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