Electronic Filing

E-File/Fax Filings and Research

  • American Messenger Services, Inc. offers a same day e-file (electronic filing) / fax filing and court research throughout California and anywhere in the United States. You can file a fax with these easy steps:
  • Sign up for Web-based order tracking system at www.amsunited.com
  • Submitting your request is as simple as sending an email.
  • You will receive a control number once you submit a request online, or via email using: info@amsunited.com.
  • This control number is assigned in our database and will be available for you to view online.
  • This process allows you to check the status of your request on www.amsunited.com
  • Once your assignment is completed, you will receive a confirmation via email along with your conformed copies, or the court research you requested.

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